Cross-Posting: Go-To Strategy for Marketers, Reveals Hootsuite

Cross-Posting: Go-To Strategy for Marketers, Reveals Hootsuite

News by Joanna NodadoJoanna Nodado
Published: June 30, 2023

Cross-posting has emerged as a go-to strategy for many marketers seeking growth on social media, according to Melanie Gaboriault, the global head of corporate communications for Hootsuite.

In an exclusive interview on Spotlight, she cautioned against overlooking platform-specific nuances, stating, "Social consumers don't only get different values from different platforms."

To ensure effective engagement, Gaboriault stressed the need for businesses to conduct social media audits to understand their audience's preferred platforms. She emphasized the importance of adapting content to each platform, advising marketers to "make your content fit for each platform."

Gaboriault also underscored the significance of social media consistency in establishing credibility, building trust, and generating leads. Referring to the Marketing Rule of 7, she highlighted the need for prospects to encounter a brand message at least seven times before taking action.

Active engagement with the audience was another crucial aspect of social media marketing emphasized by Gaboriault.

She urged brands to respond in real-time to comments and incorporate social customer service into their strategies, stating, "Acknowledging the people who are interacting with the brand will foster greater brand affinity and boost the company's reputation."

In conclusion, Gaboriault advised marketers to allocate time to explore platforms that align with their business goals rather than simply chasing copycat features.

By embracing platform-specific adaptation and social media consistency, businesses can effectively engage their audience, strengthen their reputation, and drive sustainable business growth.

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