Cron Unveils Next-Gen Calendar, Takes Productivity to the Next Level

Cron Unveils Next-Gen Calendar, Takes Productivity to the Next Level

News by Joanna Nodado
Published: March 17, 2023

Cron is launching a web version of its next-generation calendar for professionals and teams, bringing early access to its "modern calendaring experience" to users.

The new calendar promises to address this gap by providing users with a superior user experience, streamlined workflows and integrations with other best-in-class productivity tools.

Cron Calendar is built on three fundamental principles: design, collaboration and integration. 

The reimagined calendar interface puts users in control of their time, and workflows are streamlined before, during, and after meetings, bringing people together. The next-gen calendar also provides the connecting layer for other best-in-class productivity tools in software development, making it easier for users to manage their time and be more productive.

“Good design has always been at the core of what we do. Time is invaluable, and the software we use to interact with our time should reflect that — it should be built with care. Good design isn’t just how it looks but how it works and how it’s built,” Cron founder Raphael Schaad said in a blog post.

Source: Cron

Early users of Cron have been raving about the new calendar, with many expressing their love for its design and features.

“Cron has quickly become my new default calendar. It's very well designed and a lot of details went into it. You discover the ease and power of the product as you use it. I also love the integrated menu bar calendar,” said Jeremy Le Van, Co-founder of Sunrise Calendar.

Cron has also worked with companies to iterate the calendar daily and ship new features weekly. "People at companies like Notion, GitHub, and Shopify already use Cron as their default calendar," the company revealed.

Last year, Notion acquired Cron aiming to unlock “powerful workflows” as two separate platforms. The move is expected to strengthen Notion's position in the productivity software market by integrating Cron's superior calendaring experience into Notion's all-in-one workspace.

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