True Creative Ideation Took a Blow from Remote Work Boom, Expert Says

True Creative Ideation Took a Blow from Remote Work Boom, Expert Says

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: April 10, 2023

Since the start of the pandemic, office and business practices have changed dramatically to adjust to the “new normal,” with remote work becoming more and more prominent.  

According to Desmond Marzette, Executive Creative Director of Chiat/Day LA, the rise in remote work has created “new barriers” to the entire creative process. “Talking through the screen removes the beautiful chaos of true creative ideation. There’s a musicality to it: the harmony of voices and colliding thought that yields breakthroughs and makes the room explode,” he explained. 

In an exclusive interview with Spotlight, the seasoned director also compared team ideations to listening to a band through Zoom – that while it is possible, it is not ideal.  

This is why Marzette and his advertising agency have grown to adopt a hybrid work setup instead of a full-on remote work model. “[We] are embracing the new work-from-home world through a hybrid model, but not at the expense of making sure our teams are prioritizing time with each other in the same shared spaces. 

Much like remote work, streaming services have also boomed in popularity throughout the pandemic, with ad-blocking tools becoming a prominent platform feature among them.  

Despite this, Marzette sees these features as “less threatening” to his company's line of work. “We believe advertising is a form of entertainment, so, the ad-blocking capabilities that audiences have today are less threatening to our work. People don’t block what they enjoy, so we aim to create work that is disruptive and has a pull factor, a talk value,” he explained.  

“What we’ve done over the years is provide content platforms with characters and IPs that audiences recognize and love, from Jack in the Box and DirectTV to BEHR Paint,” the creative director added.  

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