Cottonelle Taps Ken Jeong as Brand’s First ‘Assvertiser’ in Hilarious New Campaign

Cottonelle Taps Ken Jeong as Brand’s First ‘Assvertiser’ in Hilarious New Campaign

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: July 09, 2023

Toilet paper company Cottonelle has recruited American comedian and actor Ken Jeong as the brand’s first “assvertiser” in a hilarious new campaign encouraging customers to share their private care experiences. 

In a new two-minute spot, the Hangover actor explains the importance of having “down there” conversations to find the “right care for down there’s.” 

While Jeong’s brand of raunchy humor makes for a comedic and effective video marketing campaign, Cottonelle is taking things a step further with its "assvertising" strategy. 

The company is swapping out advertising agencies for four of the “boldest, bravest people” ready to share their “down there issues,” spread the word about “down there care,” and be the next lineup of “assvertisers” for the brand.  

To apply for the role, customers can visit the company’s microsite until July 26 and submit a personal video describing their down-there situation “in a clever but clean way.”  

Winners will then have to wear Cottonelle pants in public, create social content for the brand, and get customers to open up about their down-there care. In turn, the company will pay each assvertiser $10,000 as a reward. 

Everyone, everywhere has a down there situation, whether they want to admit it or not. As a former doctor, I want to encourage you to share your story, because what you're experiencing is most likely normal,” shared Jeong in a press release. 

“Through this partnership with Cottonelle, I hope to show you why we should open up about these issues, and so everyone can find Cottonelle products that work for their down there."  

The company’s latest marketing push comes after the launch of its “DownThereCare” campaign earlier this year.  

The campaign features four TV spots that spotlight how Cottonelle products can address real consumers down-there problems. 

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