Corona Will Reward Its Customers On 'Sunset O' Clock'

Corona Will Reward Its Customers On 'Sunset O' Clock'

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 13, 2023

Alcoholic beverage company Corona just launched a new campaign that rewards its customers simply by checking the time stamp printed on their Corona bottles.

The company believes that sunsets are the perfect moment to enjoy a bottle of Corona, that's why it brewed some of its beer specifically at sunset time. 

With the newly launched "Sunset O' Clock," customers are encouraged to check the time of production stamped on their Corona bottles, and the closer the time is to the time of sunset during that particular day, the higher their chances of winning exclusive rewards from Corona. 

To win rewards, customers will simply have to take a photo of the time shown in their beer bottle and send it to Corona through their social media channels.

Right Beer, Right Time

Through the campaign, the brand is able not only to incentivize its audience to enjoy its product but also engage them to enjoy it at the right time — during a sunset.

To show this, Corona created a one-minute spot introducing the new campaign, with nature-filled visuals and stunning beach backdrops to match.

Corona Global Communication Director Miguel Merino shared the brand's vision of consistently pursuing innovative ways to surprise its customers, as well as encourage them to build a deeper connection with nature.

"Through 'Sunset O'clock,' we effortlessly accomplished this by using a simple asset present in every bottle around the world. The beauty lies in its cost-free essence, a natural element of our bottle," he explained. 

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