Release of Corebook°Ai Will Be a Game-Changer for Brand Management

Release of Corebook°Ai Will Be a Game-Changer for Brand Management

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 28, 2023

Corebook° has announced the release of the first generative AI for creative brand management - Corebook°Ai. 

With a waiting list that already boasts industry leaders such as Berklee College of Music and Domino’s Pizza, Corebook°Ai will enter the market as the first AI made for creative industry professionals

According to the company, the AI tool will serve as a co-pilot for branding and design professionals allowing an easier, faster and more efficient approach to bringing assets to brand guidelines.”  

The software also aims to minimize the necessity for repetitive tasks such as creating do’s and don'ts example, logo clear space and small visual tweaks in design projects 

The platform’s long-term goal to leverage technology to eliminate the need for brand guidelines entirely by 2025 as well as its notable clientele which includes companies such as Tinder and Storyland Studios ensures that the launch of Corebook°Ai will be met with success.  

Corebook° plans to release access to the beta version of the Corebook°Ai software in 2023 to the earliest group of applicants on the waiting list.  

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