Coors Light and Tide Clean Your House so You Don’t Have To

Coors Light and Tide Clean Your House so You Don’t Have To

Published: October 07, 2022

“Coors Light Keeps Your Chores Light" is the slogan of the latest Coors Light marketing campaign. Together with Procter & Gamble’s Tide Cleaners, the beer brand makes room in its customers’ tight schedules for a chill Saturday of watching college football and not worrying about that pile of dirty laundry in the corner.

Saturday is a day for college football and always has been. Unfortunately, household chores often interfere with relaxing on the weekends. That’s why Coors Light and Tide decided to send reinforcements.

The national laundry and dry-cleaning franchise and the beer brand, an unlikely pair in and of itself, have offered to take care of their customers’ laundry. While handling chores, customers are invited to crack open an ice-cold Coors Light and immerse themselves in a laidback weekend of college football and care-free fun.

“We don’t want people doing laundry on Saturday; we want them to be at a bar,” said Marcelo Pascoa, Coors VP of marketing.

“We’re trying to talk about those things that everybody is talking about in real life, but people don’t usually see in advertising.”

In other words, Coors Light is making their marketing count where it matters. No amount of traditional marketing, no matter how well-devised and executed, will have results if customers don’t have the time to actually go out and consume the product.

For the latest campaign, DDB Chicago created a 15-second ESPN ad with college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit explaining the “Coors Light Chores Light” contest.

Customers can win $700 in credit for Tide Cleaners by visiting There, prospective entrants can find all the information they need to join the sweepstakes and win the coveted laundry-cleaning service. Besides the grand prize which is the cleaning service, participants may also win branded merchandise such as jerseys or Coors Light laundry bags.

In addition to regular sweepstakes prizes, certain Denver, Chicago and Cincinnati bars will open their doors to dirty laundry baskets. Visit a participating bar, leave the clothes there, and Coors Light and Tide Cleaners will take care of the rest. Once the laundry is done and dried, it will be sent back to the customer’s address. 

While customers get to enjoy a cold one chore-free, the company will be collecting the precious first-party data

“We have an ongoing strategy to collect people’s first-party data,” Pascoa said. “Ultimately, it’s a tool to make sure the right message gets to the right people at the right time.”

Molson Coors, Coors Light’s parent company, saved $300,000 in data fees by gathering first-party data last year, so it’s safe to say this campaign will keep the company’s ad budget flowing.

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