Coors Light Makes Sure the Beer Temperature is Right

Coors Light Makes Sure the Beer Temperature is Right

Published: November 20, 2022

Coors Light has just released a special kind of nail polish! “Chill” allows the wearer to inspect the temperature of the glass and see if the beer is at the perfect level of cold.

The company producing beer "as cold as the Rockies" considers the perfect beer-drinking temperature to be 42 degrees Fahrenheit. When nails covered in “Chill” polish come in contact with glass that’s at the right temp levels, they go from silver to blue.

Coors Light will be saving a lot of beer drinkers from the unpleasantness of warm beer ever touching their lips. It’s one of the worst experiences for a true beer fan, so Coors Light is stepping in to save the day and provide beer enthusiasts with a way to test the pint glass.

"Coors Light should always be served as cold as the Rockies, but sometimes it's hard to know when you're drinking from a pint glass," Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for Coors Family of Brands. "We've brought our cold-activated technology to nail polish to ensure your pint of beer is just the right temp for drinking."

Of course, nail polish is hardly everyone’s cup of tea (or glass of beer), but for those who’d prefer to check beer temperature without color-changing nail polish, Coors Light already has color-changing beer cans that feature the San Juan Mountains. Cans switch from white to blue when the beer reaches the optimal drinking temperature, according to Coors Light.

San Francisco-based nail polish brand Le Chat helped Coors Light produce the new “Chill” product, which launched on Tuesday for sale on its website while supplies last.

The nail polish costs $7 and is meant for everyone, not just women, according to the company.

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