Conservative Group Condemns Paris Hilton's Latest Ad Campaign

Conservative Group Condemns Paris Hilton's Latest Ad Campaign
Published: March 28, 2024

The Hilton Honors commercial featuring Paris Hilton and a group of individuals dressed in pink has drawn criticism from the conservative group One Million Moms.

One Million Moms is a small controversial organization (not actually composed of a million women) established by the American Family Association that advocates against “immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity” in media.

The Hilton Honors ad was launched in October 2023, but it has only been last week that One Million Moms accused it of “glamorizing sin” and promoting a gay agenda.

In the 30-second "Celebrity Treatment" commercial for its “Hilton. For The Stay” campaign, the hotel chain promotes its rewards system by likening it to celebrity treatment.

The lobby is full of guests in hot pink outfits — many of them with pets in their arms — each saying in different ways how the Hilton Honors program “slays,” as Paris Hilton is seen walking in with her entourage.

The guests in pink include a gay couple talking about upgrading their room, among other characters that may be construed as part of the LGBTQ community.

Allegations of Promoting An Agenda

One Million Moms has voiced strong opposition to the commercial by posting an article on its website titled "Hilton Attempts to Glamorize Sin” and creating a petition against the ad on its Facebook page.

“The hotel chain is pushing the LGBTQ agenda with this commercial, which depicts individuals, couples, and families, all in obviously gender-confused roles,” the group’s petition on Facebook stated.

The petition also directly addressed the Hilton and accused the hotel chain of forcing its LGBTQ agenda on families and children.

“I am not buying into your social agenda that pushes the gay lifestyle. Your commercial featuring a homosexual couple and men in drag offends me, and it also offends many other conservative consumers,” One Million Moms wrote.

A gay couple is featured in the "Celebrity Treatment" spot of Hilton Honors.
The Hilton Honors ad that One Million Moms mentioned. | Source: Hilton

The inclusive ad, however, does not feature “men in drag,” but men neatly dressed in pink suits and trendy outfits.

At present, One Million Moms’ website can’t be accessed and its Facebook petition page has also been taken down.

For several years now, numerous petitions have been lodged to shut down its website.

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