Coke's Future Lies in Tech-Forward Digital Marketing Initiatives

Coke's Future Lies in Tech-Forward Digital Marketing Initiatives

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: April 28, 2023

Despite unstable macroeconomic conditions, The Coca-Cola Company has reported on strong earnings during first quarter. What does it attribute its success to?

Key Insights:

  • The Coca-Cola Company sees strong earnings in Q1 despite unstable macroeconomic conditions
  • Coke's work with bespoke team OpenX garners traction for exciting global compaigns focused on personalization
  • Coke explores trending technology, including generative AI, with goals of targeting Gen Z

The Coca-Cola Company reported on strong earnings and the success of digital marketing initiatives on a call about Q1 results in 2023. 

Despite troubling circumstances regarding inflation, results are seeing consumers sticking to Coca-Cola as their beverage of choice. The Coca-Cola Company sees the return of away-from-home purchases largely contributing to the positive Q1 results, showing an increase of 3% year after year in post-pandemic global sales volumes. 

Taking a step further, the multinational corporation is successfully tapping into a younger demographic, specifically targeting Gen Z, thanks to new content marketing strategies for communicating and connecting with consumers.  

Coke’s Success With Marketing Network Partner WPP 

The beverage industry leader is putting its work with WPP at the forefront.  

After naming WPP its global marketing network partner in 2021, bespoke team OpenX was set to execute the corporation’s new integrated agency model aiming to handle creative, media, and marketing technology across The Coca-Cola Company’s entire portfolio.  

Recent campaigns by OpenX include the global Coke campaign featuring supermodel Gigi Hadid and the launch of Fanta’s new brand identity and visual redesign. With both gaining great traction, the firm predicts the continuation of organic growth of 7-8% for the full year.  

Coke Studio Scales New Markets 

Under WPP’s guidance, the company’s global music platform Coke Studio is also gaining momentum.  

Offering emerging talent the opportunity to “partner, create and deliver moments of musical magic to new audiences,” Coke Studio is gaining traction and engagement from audiences worldwide. Last season’s Coke Studio content garnered over one billion streams, indicating that the new platform is finding its footing and tapping into new industries.  

CEO James Quincey announced in the Q1 call that Coke Studio has now scaled to a total of 30 markets. 

Coke Keeps Up With Trending Tech and AI 

The soft drink giant is also taking strides to keep up with trends in technology, particularly related to generative AI development.

Recently unveiling a first-of-its-kind AI platform titled “Create Real Magic” that combines OpenAI’s GPT-4 and DALL-E technology, Coke has inspired digital creatives worldwide to use Coke-branded elements for applications in AI-powered art.  

As part of the “Create Real Magic” platform, the company will be selecting 30 creators to take part in the newly established Real Magic Creative Academy in Atlanta, Georgia where they will create, and be credited for, content for Coke.  

“All of that change, obviously the bigger scale through the marketing which has become much more digital over the last three years, is starting to drive a difference,” said Quincey in the call.  

Quincey added that marketing efforts such as the “Create Real Magic” campaign is seeing impact coming through “aggregate engagements with Gen Z and the increase of Gen Z coming into the franchise.” 

In the Spotlight: Digital-Focused Marketing  

With The Coca-Cola Company reporting on positive results during the first quarter of this year, digital-focused marketing initiatives are currently in the spotlight for the company.  

By utilizing the potential of global creative campaigns while taking advantage of trending tech, Coke is setting a roadmap for widening its consumer demographic and tapping into positive earnings during a currently struggling macroeconomic industry.  

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