Coca-Cola Welcomes Street Art Versions of Its Logo

Coca-Cola Welcomes Street Art Versions of Its Logo

Published: March 29, 2024

Coca-Cola, a brand known for its iconic logo and global presence, has embarked on a unique campaign that celebrates the creativity of local artists and businesses worldwide.

The global campaign "Every Coca-Cola is Welcome" showcases street-art versions of the Coca-Cola logo created by shopkeepers and artists in various countries.

It's a departure from traditional brand strategies, as it embraces the different audacious but real interpretations of the brand's logo.

“Brands are usually very protective of their visual assets. We decided to go the other way to raise unauthorized street paintings of our iconic logo,” shared Islam ElDessouky, global VP of creative strategy & content at Coca-Cola.

Embracing Cultural Diversity and Authenticity

By acknowledging these artistic expressions, Coca-Cola highlights the charm, creativity, and authenticity these "unofficial" renditions bring to the brand.

These street paintings prove Coca-Cola's recognizability worldwide.

The different street art versions of the Coca-Cola logo included in its new campaign.
Street art of the iconic logo included in the 'Every Coca-Cola Is Welcome' campaign | Coca-Cola Co. via LBB 

“It’s been incredible to see the unique and individual interpretations of the Coca-Cola logo. These visuals are so meaningful and impactful. Signs for local businesses capturing colors of cultures and personalities of communities. We’re proud to celebrate and embrace their work,” ElDessouky shared.

The campaign's rollout includes OOH and print ads featuring photos of street art in key markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, and the U.S.

The campaign will extend to various digital platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, where a series of videos will profile the store owners and artists behind the designs.

A Mexican food stall owner is featured in Coca-Cola's new campaign.
A Mexican food stall owner shows off her Coca-Cola logo design | Source: Coca-Cola Co. via LBB 

In a 30-second LinkedIn spot posted by Mariana Manso, director of creative strategy at Coca-Cola, the different artistic interpretations of the logos included in the campaign are revealed.

“They are everywhere. Loose, twisted, audacious, unofficial. Real. And they are all welcome,” a voiceover says.

The video then shows some of the local shop owners and artists who created the different logo versions, while the spot ends by showing four versions of the logo in the original red and white colors of the brand.

The campaign was created by WPP Open X, under the leadership of VML New York and with support from Essence Mediacom and Ogilvy PR.

“What is so special about this campaign is that the Coca-Cola brand is being reinterpreted in every corner of the world through countless creative expressions,” explained Rafael Pitanguy, deputy global chief creative officer at VML.

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