Coca-Cola Spreads Holiday Joy on Amazon Prime Video

Coca-Cola Spreads Holiday Joy on Amazon Prime Video

Published: December 13, 2022

Coca-Cola is reinforcing its holiday marketing with a “Christmas Always Finds Its Way” collection of three short films that will air on Amazon Prime Video.

The “Christmas Always Finds Its Way” collection was released on December 7. It is part of the “Real Magic Presents” unit, which is an extension of Coke's “Real Magic” brand platform that the company introduced in 2021.

The series of three short films were created with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment in collaboration with the production company Prettybird.

“Christmas Always Finds Its Way” focuses on themes of togetherness, and highlights diverse storytellers and a shared theme of human connection. Much like all the other major brands, Coke has decided to let go of the standard product-oriented marketing that puts spending at the heart of a holiday campaign.

With worsening macroeconomic conditions and rising inflation, brands need to stay in touch with how people are feeling, what issues they are facing and what they need. Blindly following the failing traditional ad-supported methods of approaching customers will result in audiences most likely turning to someone else.

The brand has done well for itself, and its audience, with the latest collection of advertising short films. The ubiquitous Coke Santa Claus is there, along with couples rekindling their love, small towns rediscovering their Christmas spirit and a vampire meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

These are the plot points of “Les Petits Mondes De Noël” (JB Braud), “Alma” (Vellas) and “Christmas Bites” (Alex Buono), the three short films comprising Coca-Cola's holiday offering this year. The videos are available to Prime Video members, so naturally, Amazon is involved in promotional activities.

“This program exemplifies the growing opportunities to create new forms of entertainment content and engage audiences in enhanced and rich ways,” said Tanner Elton, vice president of U.S. Sales at Amazon Ads, in a press statement around the Coke release.

In addition, Twitch is hosting watch-along events of the series in Europe.

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