Coca-Cola Appoints New Marketing Lead for North America

Coca-Cola Appoints New Marketing Lead for North America

Published: December 01, 2022

The Coca-Cola company is making several leadership changes as it prepares for the uncertainties of the coming year, the most notable of which is the appointment of Shakir Moin as the new marketing lead for North America.

Moin will take the current head of marketing’s place effective January 1, 2023. Melanie Boulden, who came to Coca-Cola from Reebok, will be leaving the company after three years of heading the marketing department.

Unlike Boulden, Moin’s history with the company dates back to the ‘90s. He is a company veteran who spent the last several years working at Costa Coffee, a Coca-Cola subsidiary. His last few months at Costa Coffee saw him positioned as interim chief executive officer of the brand, following many successful years in the role of a chief operating officer.

One of Moin’s first tasks will be to develop consumer-first storytelling that increases brand recognition and growth. His tasks, alongside changes in leadership and operations, are signs of a new chapter in the brand’s lifecycle. The overarching strategy for the upcoming 2023, and possibly beyond, seems to be the reduction of unnecessary complexities and redundancies in processes to improve speed and efficiency every step of the way.

Moin’s experience is highly beneficial in that regard, seeing as he has had the opportunity to oversee operations in China and other regions. Coca-Cola praised his “wealth of marketing and general management experience from around the world” in an internal announcement.

The new head of marketing is only one of the leadership changes taking effect on January 1 that are to support the new chapter of operations at Coca-Cola. Sean Lee is to become a lead for a new team centered on customer care, while Dagmar Boggs is to head Foodservice and On-Premise catering across North America. The addition of the Nutrition unit should support the brand’s dairy and juice offerings.

“The new leadership appointments, effective January 1, 2023, ensure we continue to operate from a position of strength and are our first step into making new investments where we’ve prioritized capabilities,” the company said in an official statement. “Our North America Operating Unit will continue to evolve as we make changes in other areas.”

Coke finance chief John Murphy sums up the most recent changes succinctly.

“We are investing in consumer-facing marketing to get a fast start for next year,” he said on a call discussing the earnings late last month.

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