Coca-Cola Teams Up with Music Moguls for “Recycled Records” Sustainability Campaign

Coca-Cola Teams Up with Music Moguls for “Recycled Records” Sustainability Campaign

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: December 17, 2022

Who would have thought that a Coca-Cola campaign could result in an original seven-track sound library? 

The “Recycled Records” campaign marks Coca-Cola's switch from green to clear plastic bottles for Sprite, Fresca and Seagram as part of their overall sustainability strategy, which hopes to make 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025. The step towards packaging innovation comes shortly after findings that green plastic is less likely to be recycled and is, in most cases, turned into a single-use item.

But how does music play into Coca-Cola's sustainability campaign?

Various sounds recorded during the bottle recycling process are the starting point for an innovative musical experiment. Produced by musical artists Mark Ronson and Madlib, the result is an original EP connecting sound sampling and sustainability in a one-of-a-kind marketing experience.

“The thud of a plastic bottle going through a recycling facility is, in its own way, a piece of art, it has the ability to transform. Being able to take sounds from the recycling process that are so different from what I’ve used in the past, and flipping it into a whole new format, is a great example of the versatility of sound. Now any cat has the opportunity to make some dope sounds of their own,” explains award-winning producer Madlib.

Not only can customers listen to the EP, but they can also “reuse” the beats themselves with the help of a digital beat machine powered by Coca-Cola.

“Sampling is an art form which is constantly regenerating. The tiniest sound, whether from an old record or from the world around us, can inspire an entire piece of music. I learned from my heroes, DJ Premier and Q-Tip, who all made incredible albums from sampling, and it’s stayed an integral part of my work up until today,” adds Grammy award-winning producer Mark Ronson.

To better understand the importance of this packaging switch, a documentary-style short film ties the entire campaign together. Narrated by one of the most famous female rappers of our time MC Lyte, the short film delves into the creative process behind “Recycled Records” and the similarity between recycling and music sampling.

Coca-Cola is not the first big brand of the year to use partner marketing and music to their benefit. However, many brands have limited their creative potential to the simple goal of going viral, primarily on social media channels like TikTok.

On the other hand, Coca-Cola has surprised audiences with a campaign that is both entertaining and meaningful.

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