Coca-Cola Announces Move Flavor Featuring Rosalía

Coca-Cola Announces Move Flavor Featuring Rosalía

News by Marge Serrano
Published: February 11, 2023

Coca-Cola is set to release its brand new and special edition "Move" flavor as part of its tie-up with Latin Grammys Album of the Year winner and Spanish singer Rosalía. 

Just like the previous limited-edition flavors Byte, Starlight and Dreamworld, Move will have a different flavor than that of a stereotypical soda. Move's taste symbolizes "transformation", as deluxe flavors usually represent a theme or idea as part of its marketing gig. 

A Coca-Cola spokesperson elaborated that they "took inspiration from the many facets of transformation, curating a unique blend of bold and delicate flavors that honors a great Coca-Cola (KO) taste, while simultaneously pushing the envelope of what it can be" for Move's flavor profile. 

A CNN report stated that Move's zero-sugar version tasted similar to popcorn as it is "sweet, with buttery caramel notes." She jokingly adds that while she's unsure if that's Coca-Cola's intention, it could be argued that popcorn is technically a transformation of corn. 

The time-limited flavors are part of Coca-Cola's brand strategy to cultivate interest in its main product Coke amidst the declining preference for full-sugar soda. Byte, Dreamworld and Starlight also utilized the same concept with their representation of pixels, dreams, and space.  

Coca-Cola Chief Executive Officer James Quincey emphasizes the importance of testing the boundaries of consumer engagement and explains, "They’re not designed to be variants that will last forever, but they’re more engaging and more interesting, demonstrably than a flavor, a Coke with vanilla or something." 

Coke combines experimental flavors with innovative digital promotions reinventing what it means to connect with customers. This was a Fortnite limited event for Byte and augmented musical reality (AR) for Dreamworld. 

Starlight, the pilot flavor of Coca-Cola's Creations Line, utilizes QR codes that gives buyers access to Ava Max's AR concert. The move also uses QR codes that lead to special content like a playlist, behind-the-scenes, and personality quiz. 

 Rosalía will also be dropping a new single and music video for Move. The collaboration is expected to garner sales from Rosalía's fans and Spanish buyers, similar to how celebrity and musician partnerships boosted McDonald's profits. 

Prior to working with Rosalía, Coca-Cola worked together with masked EDM giant Marshmello. They co-created Marshmello's limited-edition Coca-Cola zero sugar, which combined strawberry and watermelon, two of the music producer's favorite flavors. 

The move will hit the American and Canadian markets this coming February 20 as a full-sugar or zero-sugar variety for about the same price as a regular Coke. Coca-Cola will also be releasing its latest financial report on February 14. 

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