Coachella's Official Vodka Sponsor Absolut Bets Big on Metaverse

Coachella's Official Vodka Sponsor Absolut Bets Big on Metaverse

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: April 07, 2023

As Coachella’s official vodka sponsor, Absolut once again places its power in the metaverse for one of the world’s most popular music festivals.  

Based in Decentraland, Absolut.Land will be returning on April 14 featuring a variety of different activations that tie into this year’s edition of Absolut’s Coachella sponsorship.  

Partnering with Hey! VINA, a social media app known as the equivalent of Tinder for friendship, Absolut will be utilizing the metaverse to motivate festival goers to make new friendships.  

To motivate audiences to take part, Absolut is working with real-life besties to promote the activation. Musical artists Two Friends and previous The Bachelor contestants Rachel Recchia and Genevieve Parisi are the faces of the campaign.  

Additionally, the sponsorship activation includes more exciting details, such as a special-edition Absolut cocktail kit which allows customers to send an additional kit to their friend of choice.  

"Our main goal at VINA is to empower people to build community everywhere, and we couldn't be more excited to leverage our algorithm to do just that at the ultimate mixing ground," said Olivia June, founder and CEO of VINA in a press release. 

Onsite activations will focus on Absolut’s recent “Born To Mix – World of Absolut Cocktails” campaign and allow festival goers to try the vodka brand’s newest flavour Absolut Wild Berri, scheduled to hit shelves in May. "We see how 'phygital' marketing experiences foster new connections and bring people together, which is why Absolut has further invested in Coachella to create an all-around inclusive experience," explained Matt Foley, VP of Marketing at Absolut. 

This is not Absolut’s first-time making metaverse technology the focal point of its campaign, Absolut.Land launched just last year at Coachella. However, the legendary vodka brand takes its metaverse activation a step further this year with the goal to turn online connections into in-person friendships.  

Absolut's focus on the metaverse as Coachella’s title vodka sponsor proves that the company bets big on the technology for digital marketing purposes, and likely has successful results to back this strategy.  

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