Thorough Client Research is Key to Generating Leads, Expert Reveals

Thorough Client Research is Key to Generating Leads, Expert Reveals

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 26, 2023

The process of finding and delivering qualified leads to clients in the business landscape has changed over the years.  

But for Dmitri Suslov, founder and CEO of marketing and social selling agency Addlium, the key to generating successful leads lies in conducting thorough research on potential clients. 

 According to the CEO, this step can help businesses understand the needs of their clients, as well as their pain points and areas of expertise. 

“This enables you to tailor your messages and demonstrate your understanding of their business and how you can assist in solving their needs,” he explained.   

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In an exclusive interview with Spotlight Suslov also weighed in on ineffective strategies when it comes to generating leads “in the age of high personalization.” 

“Simply inserting a name into a standard sales email or LinkedIn script is no longer sufficient. The days of generic pitches that work for everyone are long gone,” he shared.  

The CEO also shared his insights on the common mistakes companies make when it comes to LinkedIn marketing.  

“The first mistake is not being present on LinkedIn at all or having a blank page,” Suslov explained, adding that a company page has the potential to become a robust communication channel in conveying brand values and attracting deals.  

The Addlium founder also said that “unnoticed” posts, success secrets, and expertise can be fixed by adding branding.  

“Accompany your posts with exclusive branded media, revise your content strategy, use the right keywords and hashtags,” Suslov shared.   

“Remember that every post aims to reach your potential customers, and the more "touches" they have with your brand, the better for you.”

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