Casetify iPhone Case Survives the Kinetic Gauntlet

Casetify iPhone Case Survives the Kinetic Gauntlet

Published: January 04, 2023

The tech accessory brand Casetify pit its latest iPhone case against a kinetic gauntlet most deadly. Casetify iPhone case survived the entire trip through the kinetics chain-reaction machine, successfully advertising the case’s effectiveness.

The brilliantly creative invention of Joseph Herscher is a type of Rube-Goldberg machine, which was named after American cartoonist Rube Goldberg. These machines rely on complex chain reactions to deliver absurdly mundane results like switching the light on, or in this case, turning off an alarm clock.

To display the protective capabilities of its Bounce Case product, the tech brand joined forces with Herscher in an effort to put the Casetify iPhone case to a challenging, but also comical test.

In the video, viewers follow the Casetify iPhone’s journey from the moment its owner set the chain reaction in motion by pulling on a string disguised as a teddy bear until a remote-controlled tank used a hot dog to turn off the alarm.

Along the way, the Casetify iPhone is beaten and bruised with hammers, rocks, knocks, and drops, before finally being catapulted through a window

The Hong Kong brand’s case lived to tell the tale, the alarm was successfully turned off by a hot dog, and the owner of the iPhone failed to wake up.

The one-take video of the iPhone 14 Pro’s journey is an exciting way to promote the Bounce Case. Brands frequently take uninventive ways when marketing the durability of their products, but once in a while, we get real out-of-box approaches like the case with Casetify and Honda.

“At Casetify, we love championing creativity,” said Avisha Gopal, senior manager of influencer content at Casetify. “Working with the world’s most genial creators puts our brand at the center of their great ideas, making complex and dry topics such as drop protection accessible to a wider audience.”

Pavillion Works handled the production of the video which included a 6-stage obstacle course and a Casetify iPhone case. It took 61 takes to produce the one-take wonder that you could see here today.

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