Canva's Major Update Introduces Exciting AI-Design Tools

Canva's Major Update Introduces Exciting AI-Design Tools

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 24, 2023

Canva has ushered in a new era with its biggest update to dateincluding new AI tools and workspace features.  

Officially announced at Canva's Create eventthe all-in-one design platform will give Adobe a run for its money with the new features it has implemented.  

Take a look at some of the new tools Canva has to offer: 

The Launch of Brand Hub

Brand Hub is a newly integrated part of Canva’s Visual Worksuite, allowing users a hands-on approach to their organization’s visual identity and design. Users must create a Brand Kit with details specific to the organization’s visual identity, such as fonts, colours, logos and other design guidelines.  

Brand Folders and Brand Templates can also be created for specific events and/or products with reusable templates. This simplifies designers' tasks, with other company employees able to access these folders and directly approve them in Canva while ensuring that everything remains on-brand. 

A Whole Lot of Magic

Canva has introduced several new AI-powered tools titled “Magic,” also part of the Visual Worksuite.  

While Canva already had some basic AI features, such as “text to image” and “Magic Write,” the updated features mark a new-and-improved design chapter for Canva. 

The “Magic Replace” tool can replace any detail in all of your designs with just one click, while the “Magic Eraser” can simply remove any item that you no longer want to be in an image. Similarly, the “Magic Edit” feature allows users to swap one object in a photo for something else entirely.  

“Magic Design” is also a particularly helpful tool that can save both professional and amateur designers a lot of time. It generates a curated selection of personalized templates from any image you upload, suggesting anything from birthday cards to event invitations.  

Translation, Video and Fonts

A new feature automatically translates any text in a design and is available in over 100 different languages. Additionally, uploaded video footage can be matched to the beat of an uploaded soundtrack without the additional work of manual editing.  

As if that weren’t enough in one go, Canva has introduced 953 new fonts that were widely requested by the community of Canva users.  

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