Camila Cabello Shows Success in Olipop’s Newest Commercial

Camila Cabello Shows Success in Olipop’s Newest Commercial

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: May 03, 2023

Key Insights:

  • Olipop released a new commercial featuring Camila Cabello as part of its "Real Love Makes Us" campaign
  • The 30-second spot taps into the star's success achieved through the love of her family
  • The commercial marks the first of many marketing efforts that the brand will launch in the future

Functional soda brand Olipop just launched a new family-oriented spot starring the multi-Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Camila Cabello.  

In "Real Love Makes Us: Success with Camila Cabello," the artist attributes her successes to the love she experienced from her family growing up. 

“Success is always measured by the big stuff, but we forget it’s the little stuff that really makes us,” she narrates in the video.  

The 30-second commercial shows vignettes of Cabello having quality time with her family: singing, laughing, dancing and sharing stories as they bond over cans of the carbonated drink.  

“No one was allowed to watch her sing – not even her Abuelita. But this shy little girl was raised on family stories, secret handshakes, and a million little moments that gave her the courage to share her voice with the world. Now, when she comes back home to be with her favorite people, we’re happy to join,” the company wrote on its website.  

The Mexican-American actress also shared her thoughts on her personal growth: “Coming together with my family, sharing meals, and relaxing with friends has helped shape me into who I am.” 

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The Real Love Makes Us campaign marks the first of many marketing-driven efforts between Olipop and Cabello.  

The two formed their partnership last September 2022, making her the first-ever major official partner of the soda brand.  

According to Olipop, their partnership will center around “deep creative collaboration” on marketing initiatives, as they both share a mission in the health and wellness space.  

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“Authentic alignment with our talent partners is critical to us, and our partnership with Camila sprung out of her organic love for the product and our love for her amazing values and creativity,” shared Olipop CEO Ben Goodwin.  

“We are thrilled to partner with Camila to amplify Olipop’s involvement in meaningful cultural moments born out of making a positive change in society and spreading true enjoyment in the process.” 

Before she was a partner, Cabello was also an investor in the brand since February 2022, along with other celebrities, including the Jonas Brothers, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more. 

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