Cadbury Celebrates 200th Anniversary by Remaking One of Its Ads

Cadbury Celebrates 200th Anniversary by Remaking One of Its Ads

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 10, 2024

Global confectionary company Cadbury is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year with a heartwarming ad that takes inspiration from one of its older spots.

In its one-minute spot "Birthday," viewers are introduced to a story of a mother and her daughter.

As the busy woman makes a call by the phone booth, her daughter makes an unexpected visit to their local candy shop, where she trades in some of her toys and plastic jewelry in exchange for a Cadbury bar she wants to give her mom. 

Soon after, the young child hands over the chocolate bar to her mother before they share an embrace. The storekeeper smiles from a distance, as the narrator concludes.

"There's always been a glass and a half for everyone."

Throughout the commercial, viewers are taken through different eras, spanning the 200 years of Cadbury, from the pre-war period to present times, showcasing the impact of Cadbury in British life across generations.

Made by creative agency VCCP, "Birthday" serves as a remake of "Mum's Birthday," a spot Cadbury released in 2018.

The latest spot follows the same plot, making for a subtle yet emotional nod to the original. To ensure continuity in Birthday, the company gathered the same cast from the 2018 version and used various production techniques.

Cadbury Senior Marketing Director Elise Burditt shared how the 200th anniversary marks a very special moment for the company.

"For us, this is so much more than that – it's celebrating 200 years of being part of the lives of the British public and recognizing that we wouldn't be here today without them," Burditt explained. 

To heighten the celebrations, the chocolate maker will also be releasing seven limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk bars featuring classic designs.

VCCP London Executive Creative Directors Chris Birch and Jonny Parker also highlighted the relationship between Cadbury and the British public.

"This work celebrates every Christmas morning Selection Box, every school trouser pocket Curly Wurly, every drippy Flake 99, every Dairy Milk on the sofa, and everyone in Britain who’s gleefully munched them down since 1824. Happy Birthday, Cadbury," they concluded.

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