Buzz Dealer and Queer Holdings Team Up to Launch LGBTQ+ Oriented Agency ‘Qroud’

Buzz Dealer and Queer Holdings Team Up to Launch LGBTQ+ Oriented Agency ‘Qroud’

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 30, 2023

Global digital PR firm Buzz Dealer has teamed up with Queer Holdings to launch “Qroud,” a full-stack global consulting and creative agency focused on championing LGBTQ+ initiatives.  

According to the company website, Qroud’s mission is to “include and give visibility to all the letters of the LGBT+ collective” through its actions, creating strategies with inclusive vision. 

The creative agency will specialize in five main sectors, namely marketing and branding, public relations, influencer marketing, performance marketing, and brand awareness.  

“The Qroud Agency team is distinguished by its diversity. Each one of us adds our vision and perception of the world, bringing plurality to all our projects,” the company wrote.  

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With an estimated global annual acquisition power of $3.7 trillion, the LGBTQ+ community’s importance is undeniable and must have a place of at the core of any strategy, said Queer Holdings owner and LGBTQ+ activist Oriol Pamies.  

“[The] question is how to do it in the right way. Our teams make sure we provide a genuine approach, putting diversity at the forefront and delivering the right message, through the right creatives to the right audience,” he explained in a press release.  

Buzz Dealer CEO Uri Samet expressed the company’s excitement over the new initiative, having several successful collaborations with Queer Holdings in the past.  

“I am sure that what we are launching here is the right marketing platform at the right time, to boost the community as a valuable target audience,” he said.

Since its launch, Qroud has already worked with several known hospitality and tourism institutions, such as Amazing Thailand and Open Sea.

Qroud’s announcement comes only a few days before the official start of Pride Month celebrated every June. During this month, many companies attempt to connect with the LGBTQ+ market, but sometimes face criticism  following their campaigns. 

In the last week of May, clothing company The North Face released “The Summer of Pride” campaign featuring the drag queen Pattie Gonia dressed in the brand’s new collection.  

The outdoor brand received widespread criticism from right-wing conservatives including congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who accused the brand of “sexually targeting children” and called consumers to boycott the brand. 

However, The North Face has also received praises from the LGBTQ+ community for its inclusivity and strong reputation management.

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