Burger King Gives Up Promoting Whopper in Hilarious New Campaign

Burger King Gives Up Promoting Whopper in Hilarious New Campaign

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 10, 2023

Burger King just launched a new campaign promoting a popular menu item that’s not its signature Whopper.  

The “We Give Up” commercial starts with a man being bombarded with Whopper advertisements throughout different time periods.  

After coming across several commercials, blimps, billboards and newspapers promoting the famous burger, the man finally visits a Burger King - but instead orders a Chicken Royale.  

The spot ends with a disappointed cashier, as Burger King “gives up” spotlighting the Whopper.

Brand and Communications Director Soco Núñez de Cela shared how the company has heroed its iconic burger for decades. “This year, we wanted to flip the status quo and celebrate a fan favorite, the Chicken Royale instead.”

The “We Give Up – Chicken Royale” campaign was handled by advertising agency BBH and video production company Riff Raff Films.

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In line with the campaign, the fast-food chain will run several TB, out-of-home, press and print advertisements over the next months. It will also introduce a new “Chicken Royale Day” in place of its annual Whopper Day.

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“This simple but self-aware idea reminisces on Whopper through the years while reminding guests that, while we may be the Home of the Whopper, we are also home to the most-loved chicken burger in the UK, the Chicken Royale,” de Cela shared.

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