Burger King's ‘Hangover Whopper’ Campaign Features Facial Recognition Discount

Burger King's ‘Hangover Whopper’ Campaign Features Facial Recognition Discount

News by Nikola Djuric
Published: December 28, 2023

Burger King Brazil has unveiled its latest innovative marketing stunt last week.

The "Hangover Whopper" campaign is designed to provide relief and discounts to hungover customers post-festive celebrations.

The campaign, which runs through January 2, offers special discounts on Burger King sandwiches, accessible through the company's website and its mobile app.

Developed in collaboration with agency DM9, this campaign stands out by using facial recognition technology to scan a consumer's face.

The technology measures a person's hangover level from one to three and offers a corresponding combo coupon for different versions of the Whopper.

Additionally, consumers are called to share their hangover selfies on social media, further extending the reach and impact of the campaign.

The campaign is timed perfectly with end-of-year festivities, known for their long nights, making the fast-food delivery service a much-needed comfort during rough mornings.

This playful integration of technology with marketing is a continuation of Burger King's tradition of using mobile technology to enhance customer engagement.

Over the years, Burger King has gained attention for its creative and sometimes transgressive marketing tactics aimed at driving traffic to its app and restaurants.

Notable campaigns include the "Whopper Detour" stunt in 2018, which used geoconquesting to divert customers from McDonald’s to Burger King, as well as the 2019 campaign in Brazil that offered free Whoppers for virtually setting fire to ads of rivals.

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