Bumble and Netflix Team Up for New In-App Feature

Bumble and Netflix Team Up for New In-App Feature

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 25, 2023

Bumble and Netflix have partnered to come up with a new feature that helps users kickstart conversations with their Bumble matches. 

Netflix Nights In” is a weekly in-app question game that will be available in the US, Canada and the UK. Its goal is to help daters break the ice with matches and allow them to discover shared interests in Netflix films and TV shows.  

“What we watch says a lot about who we are, and this campaign is an exciting way for our community to connect over Netflix’s breadth of genres and titles,” said Olivia Yu, Bumble’s global vice president of partnerships.  

Netflix vice president of marketing partnerships Magno Herran elaborated on the reasons behind the partnership: “When getting to know someone, it’s human nature to try and find common interests. It gives you something to bond over and go beyond surface-level conversation.”  

With this collaboration, Netflix hopes to help people find someone who can relate to them based on what they watch while leaning into ‘if you know, you know’ references. 

According to a Bumble Survey, the percentage of positive chats is higher when its new question game is played. “Our recent survey found that 72% of respondents have talked about TV and movies on a date, so we know this category is one our members enjoy discussing on their dating journey,” Yu added. 

The research also found that 78% of participants find it easier to talk to matches with similar tastes in shows and films and 59% of Gen Z participants have said their matches become more appealing if their tastes align with their matches. 

The game will officially launch on January 30 and will run until March 13. Every Monday, Netflix stars such as Ashley Park of Emily in Paris, Alexa Lemieux of Love is Blind and Amanza Smith of Selling Sunset will quiz Bumble matches on some of Netflix’s biggest shows and films before their answers are revealed to each other. 

The “Find the Date You’ve Been Watching For” campaign that unveiled the quiz game had its billboard debut in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, and is set to go live in the UK next week.  

With shares dropping as low as 14% last November due to Gen Z users not renewing subscriptions, “Netflix Nights In” might drive users to give the dating app another shot and stream their favorite Netflix shows.   

“We look forward to bringing people together to celebrate their Netflix knowledge and help them find the date they’ve been watching for,” Yu expressed. 

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