Budget Direct Turns Pool Cleaner Into 'Loch-Mess' In New Ad

Budget Direct Turns Pool Cleaner Into 'Loch-Mess' In New Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 16, 2024

Australian insurance company Budget Direct just launched a new campaign showing how insurance can save a family from the toughest of monsters.

In the 45-second "Loch-Mess Monster," a pool cleaner miraculously comes to life after being struck by a bolt of lightning, which causes a storm in the backyard. 

The Loch-Mess Monster then makes its way into a family's home, as they all rush to close the doors. 

Not long after, a woman and a man enter the scene to inspect the horrific events unfolding. 

"Pool cleaners come to life, Sarge," the woman tells his partner.  "Not creepy at all," he responds.

Loch-Mess then carefully waited for the perfect time to attack each family member. As they hold up their weapons, the monster attacks one of them, aiming for his hand.

Before it was too late, the family dog pressed the button that turned off the pool cleaner, saving the day. 

"It's a good thing you're with Budget Direct, Australia's most award-winning insurer. He does love his trophies," the woman explains, as the spot closes.

The spot, made together with creative agency 303 MullenLowe, comes as part of an ongoing ad series that kickstarted in September. 

Commenting on the campaign, 303 MullenLowe Group Business Director Ben Glasson said that 2024 marks a milestone in the partnership between his agency and Budget Direct, as well as six years of the "Insurance Solved" platform in Australia. 

"We're proud of the ever-increasing brand recognition the campaign contributes to, not to mention the engagement each new installment generates," Glasson concluded.

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