BRLO Parodies Viral Calvin Klein Campaign in New Spot

BRLO Parodies Viral Calvin Klein Campaign in New Spot

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 26, 2024

Berlin-based brewing company BRLO just launched a new spot that spoofs Calvin Klein's most recent campaign with Jeremy Allen White.

Made in the German capital, the 50-second spot titled "Drink NAKED. Yes, Chef!" is a frame-by-frame imitation of the luxury brand's viral ad, but with a spin on body positivity.

It starts with a full-bearded man walking down the streets of Berlin wearing a white tank top. As he reaches the rooftop, he removes his clothes, just as White did in his viral ad. 

The red-headed man then reenacts all of "The Bear" star's poses: leaning on a ledge to stare into the distance, doing pull-ups on a steel bar, and even dramatically embracing the cold breeze.

After several model-esque montages, the man removes what's left of his clothing and lies down on a couch, unwinding with a bottle of BRLO.

The spot ends by inviting viewers to drink NAKED – a play on the Calvin Klein ad and the name of the brand's new alcohol-free beer. 

Aside from pouncing on the White hype taking over the internet, BRLO's latest ad also addresses the phenomenon of "Dry January," wherein drinkers abstain from alcoholic beverages due to an emotional low.

“Full-bodied, juicy, and without the headache the morning after, it’s the perfect choice – not just in Dry January,” the brand wrote in a post. 

Notably, the brand shared the overwhelming response it received for its new campaign, with many commending its humor. 

"Full-bodied and juicy, this non-alcoholic beer definitely deserves the spotlight. We were not the only ones who thought so," the brewery stated in a post on LinkedIn.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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