British Airways Flies Humorous Billboards Across the UK

British Airways Flies Humorous Billboards Across the UK

Published: October 29, 2022

Uncommon Creative Studio and MG OMD have created the most elaborate marketing campaign for British Airways, and possibly beyond.

The “A British Original” campaign holds a record-breaking number of executions for the airline.

Brands leveraging the questionnaire format is a tried-and-true method of advertising, but it’s never been done this humorously and successfully before.

What’s even more impressive is the scale of the campaign, which encompasses hundreds of supposed boxes to tick, 32 short films, OOH advertising and some premium sites including Piccadilly Lights and Heathrow.

But the core of the humorous marketing campaign is billboards that display the questionnaire.

All of them offer three boxes to tick, with the first two always stating “business” and “leisure,” suggesting that the question being asked is “What is the purpose of your visit?”

The third option, i.e., the ridiculous one, contains answers that range from “because this weather sucks,” “quiet quitting,” and “I still love him,” to “ready to turn lobster.”

“A British Original” offers a “record-breaking” 500 print, digital and outdoor executions. That is 500 unique answers, and it’s truly astounding.

The entire campaign is, indeed, very original, and the overall experience was orchestrated with that quality in mind.

“We’ve started by shining a light on all the original reasons we fly – both for customers and British Airways’ people – but this is just the beginning,” said Lucy Jameson, co-founder at Uncommon Creative Studio.

“We hope that, going forward, each and every interaction with the brand feels as original as each and every one of the hundreds of original executions we’ve produced for the launch.”

According to Uncommon, the campaign will continue to adapt “according to the location, time of day, weather and what’s happening in the news”. The ad copy will also sometimes relate directly to the medium, such as showing a mangled umbrella on a billboard with the bad weather tick box.

It’s rare to see advertising campaigns of this magnitude executed for airlines, but British Airways, Uncommon Creative Studio and MG OMD have truly outdone themselves.

This collaboration will leave a positive brand experience in the minds of all passers-by who had a chance to see them.

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