Brandenburg Labs Presents New Audio AR System at CES 2024

Brandenburg Labs Presents New Audio AR System at CES 2024

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: January 09, 2024

Brandenburg Labs, the company founded by MP3 co-inventor Karlheinz Brandenburg, has just launched a cutting-edge Audio Augmented Reality Headphone System, marking a significant leap in immersive audio technology.

This new system, distinct from traditional spatial audio solutions, integrates pre-recorded room data and virtual reality (VR)-like head tracking.

It represents a major advancement over existing technologies that often struggle with delays and imprecision.

As claimed in a Brandenburg Labs press release, this is the first time "a system with this level of immersion has ever been shown at a Consumer Electronics Show."

Brandenburg emphasized the ambition behind this development, saying that "after co-creating the MP3 audio standard, there was always the question of how can we get better audio quality over headphones for a more realistic spatial experience to sound similar to real-world situations."

The Audio AR System is his answer, offering a unique listening experience that blurs the line between digital and real-world audio.

The Brandenburg Labs system uses HTC Vive sensors for a comprehensive 360-degree room scan, allowing for highly precise sound adjustments based on the user's location.

This approach sets it apart from other spatial audio solutions, which typically rely on Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) in headsets for head tracking.

Brandenburg Labs' latest product offers a system adept at detecting your head's position while comprehending the detailed layout of your surroundings.

While the current system requires external sensors and a specific room setup, limiting its portability, it opens exciting possibilities for the future of home entertainment and professional audio settings.

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