Tracking Brand Impact Key To Successful Campaign, Reveals Branding Expert

Tracking Brand Impact Key To Successful Campaign, Reveals Branding Expert

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 13, 2023

An increase in sales and revenue represents the traditional method of measuring a successful brand campaign. However, today’s advertising landscape is offering an alternative way to track achievement — and that’s by following a brand's sentiment and uptake

Experts such as Our Own Brand's co-founder Sarah Fulford suggests “social listening” as a major role in measuring campaign success. This refers to tracking how consumers engage with a specific campaign, followed by how they react to the brand.  

“It plays a big part in how we measure a campaign’s success, using specific tools to evaluate sentiment and awareness across social and digital channels,” explains Fulford in an exclusive interview with Spotlight

When launching a brand campaign that seeks to make waves among audiences, the research phase is key. In this case, data-driven decisions are just as important as preparing a unique story.  

A combination of the two is what will offer insight into what makes a brand who they truly are: “who they are for, why they are here, how they are different and why people should choose them over others.” 

With heightened competition for consumers’ attention, brands have to ensure that their campaigns make a long-lasting impact, as opposed to a temporary increase in sales.  

Authentic and rebel brands that aim to challenge the status quo are particularly successful at resonating with audiences. 

“As a general rule, the best storyline is the one that’s true to that specific brand, so the more authentic, the better! However, bold and impactful storylines work well for rebel brands looking to make waves,””, says Fulford, listing brands such as Oatly and Harley Davidson as famous examples.

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