BragBot Is an AI Chatbot That Helps You 'Humblebrag'

BragBot Is an AI Chatbot That Helps You 'Humblebrag'

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 17, 2024

London-based design studio Not Wieden+Kennedy just launched an innovative AI-powered chatbot with a unique ability: "Humblebragging."

Brag Bot ties together the humblebrag trend taking over social media with the growing fascination surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). Built on GPT-4 technology, the chatbot's main function is to generate humblebrags for users and provide them with a distinct and often exaggerated twist on self-promotion. 

Users can engage with the chatbot by selecting brag categories like "Rise-n-grind" and "Dream job," coupled with choosing delivery styles ranging from "Existential" to "Pirate."

In collaboration with the One Club for Creativity, the "one to brag about" campaign took root when the One Show awards sought the expertise of Not W+K to develop a fresh visual identity for the upcoming award season.

The campaign seeks to disrupt traditional approaches to self-promotion on social media, offering individuals an opportunity to share their achievements unabashedly. Additionally, it aims to emphasize the value of awards while acknowledging that it can be uncomfortable to boast about them. 

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Anika Ramani, Director of Branding and Design at Not Wieden+Kennedy, highlighted the relatability of humblebragging.

"We’ve all been guilty of humblebragging. Everywhere we looked, people were posting about their achievements but doing their best to make it seem nonchalant," Ramani shared.

She emphasized the campaign's objective to challenge this norm, encouraging individuals to openly embrace their accomplishments and celebrate success in a playful manner.

"We wanted to flip this norm on its head, have people own the brag, help people who don’t know how to brag and give our industry a reason to celebrate," Ramani added.

The Brag Bot service is available for purchase, starting at $8.25 per month. Users may also opt for a 30-day free trial.

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