Blitzworks Brings Art to Life in Latest Coca-Cola Global Campaign

Blitzworks Brings Art to Life in Latest Coca-Cola Global Campaign

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 10, 2023

Strategy and creative consultancy Blitzworks just launched a global Coca-Cola campaign that brings art to life and life to artists. 

The nearly two-minute soft drink film titled ‘Masterpiece’ features different works from world-renowned artists like Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, JMW Turner, Johannes Vermeer and many more.  

In the video commercial, the iconic Coca-Cola bottle is seen passed on among subjects of the art in the art gallery, while an uninspired student struggles to find inspiration for his sketch.  

As the Coca-Cola bottle is handed between artworks, it transforms into the styles of the paintings, with the different art pieces interacting with the bottle through stunning visuals and animation. 

Finally, the Girl with A Pearl Earring places the bottle beside the student as it is exactly what he needs to fuel his inspiration – the “Real Magic” he needed to make his own art.  

The new 2023 global campaign is designed to further build on Coca-Cola’s credibility in refreshing upliftment, the perfect accomplice to ‘breaks’ – delivering a range of new content and experiences,” a Coca Cola press release wrote. 

Blitzworks Global Chief Creative Officer Ajab Samrai expressed his excitement in creating the Masterpiece global campaign which “incorporates cutting edge AI. 

“Centuries of art movements collide and the great masters from the past and present come to life and work together to provide a refreshing uplift moment just in the nick of time. When you put the right team together, magic happens,” he added.  

Apart from the “Masterpiece” film debuting in Latin America this month, the Coca-Cola global marketing campaign will include eight new digital collectibles, feature five emerging artists and three of the masters showcased in the film. In April, the interviews with the emerging artists will be showcased in a special microsite and OOH billboards.  

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