Bill Gates Claims AI Technology Is ‘Quite Revolutionary’

Bill Gates Claims AI Technology Is ‘Quite Revolutionary’

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 17, 2023

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates held his annual Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session last week, sharing his insights on AI technology, Web3, the metaverse and more.  

When asked what he thinks is the next mammoth technology shift following the internet, Gates answered, claiming AI will be the “big one.”  

 “I don't think Web3 was that big or that metaverse stuff alone was revolutionary but AI is quite revolutionary,” he adds. Following his answer, Gates expressed that his current priorities lie in helping pregnant women through ultrasound work and addressing malnutrition and anemia.  

On the topic of artificial intelligence, another user asked Gates for his thoughts on generative AI and how it will impact the world, to which he responded with: 

“I am quite impressed with the rate of improvement in these AIs. I think they will have a huge impact. Thinking of it in the Gates Foundation context, we want to have tutors that help kids learn math and stay interested. We want medical help for people in Africa who can't access a doctor. I still work with Microsoft some so I am following this very closely.” 
Bill Gates | Reddit AMA

The billionaire philanthropist also shared his thoughts on the AI software ChatGPT, which generates human-like speech. He finds its innovation rate impressive and believes that it “gives a glimpse of what’s to come” in the future of AI.  

According to an official statement by OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, the chatbot will also be coming soon to API and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.  

Read the full Reddit AMA thread here 

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