DesignRush Announces May’s Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces May’s Best Design Award Winners

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 19, 2023

DesignRush has announced its May selection of Best Design Awards!

The monthly Best Design Awards give the spotlight to top design agencies that are pushing creative boundaries worldwide. 

From captivating animations in video designs promoting NFTs to a series of vibrant print designs shaking up the realm of traditional psychotherapy, May’s Best Design Awards feature the work of design agencies that are successfully thinking outside the box. 

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Best Website Design: Jeune Chambre De Commerce De Québec by Uroboro

The Canadian web design company Uroboro set itself apart this month with its inviting website design for Jeune Chambre De Commerce De Québec.  

Website design for JCCQ

The landing page’s attractive color gradient leading from a cold purple hue to vibrant blue and the bold initials for JCCQ in white set the mood for a creative journey through the website. Uroboro’s design relies primarily on visual content and photography to showcase the aim of the organization. Following the rounded elements of the logo design, photographs are displayed with three rounded edges and one sharp corner, combining playfulness and precision. 

Uroboro’s website design for JCCQ also consists of a hamburger menu and full-screen catalog, creating for users looking to make the most of JCCQ’s opportunities an easy-to-navigate experience.  

Best Logo Design: Trifecta by Migration Marketing

Migration Marketing is in the spotlight for its delicate logo design for Trifecta, a holistic lifestyle brand focused on wellness for the mind, body, and soul. 

Opting for a minimalist style, Migration Marketing combined three teardrop shapes to create what appears to be a hollow lotus flower symbolizing enlightenment and growth. Additionally, a Sans-Serif font completes the logo by combining bigger and smaller typefaces to accentuate the name of the company (“Trifecta”), while subtly indicating what it can deliver (“Mind + Body + Soul”) underneath. 

Logo design for Trifecta

Trifecta’s logo design proves the power of minimalism, especially when it comes to the successful branding of wellness companies. 

Best Print Design: Psychologist Natália Maurer by Nicole Gröff

Graphic designer Nicole Gröff proves her skills in print design with a series of vibrant designs for the work of psychologist Natália Maurer. By taking a light-hearted approach to emotional and mental health, Gröff has created a variety of print designs showcasing a different approach to psychotherapy. 

Print design by Nicole Groff for Natalia Maurer

Using expressive doodle drawing, Gröff created an illustrated world that presents the positive effects of psychotherapy. The images were further brought to life with a vibrant color palette, including bright yellow, cornflower blue, and green as primary colors. Typography, on the hand, instilled a combination of expressiveness and sophistication. Utilizing black and white for typography, the word “psychologist” is presented in an elegant handwritten typeface, adding a subtle dose of seriousness to the overall design. 

The series is an innovative lesson in how professionalism can mix with playfulness to create an effective design. 

Best App Design: Clever Plant by Skywinds Solutions

Skywinds Solutions created the perfect app design for Clever Plant, a platform dedicated to helping educate and create a community for plant enthusiasts.  

The app’s user interface is easy to use and offers a variety of practical features for plant lovers, from a calendar tracking plant tasks to practical plant watering reminders and timers. It also allows users to separately track the progress of each of their plants while having access to educational material. A special feature reminds Clever Plant members that community is just as important, giving them the option to communicate with other users through their profiles. 

App design for Clever Plant platform

However, the aspect that most stands out on the Clever Plant platform is its simple layout and organic design. Skywinds Solutions opted for natural colors to accentuate the purpose of the app by using hues of green, blue, and white. Real-life photographs also accentuate the practicality of Clever Plants and how it user-friendly platforms can contribute to everyday life with the help of top mobile app development

Best Package Design: Fenty Skin Melt Awf by NF Beauty Group

Rihanna’s introduction to the cosmetics industry in the shape of her beauty brand Fenty Skin has received high praise worldwide, and its luxury packaging is just one of the reasons why. The design agency NF Beauty Group took the crown for its packaging design for the brand’s jelly oil makeup cleanser Melt Awf.

Packaging design for Fenty Melt Awf

The compact size of Melt Awf’s bottle makes it easy to carry around, a rarity when it comes to makeup removers in the beauty industry. Additionally, the easy squeeze bottle is combined with a durable outer casing made of rigid plastic, keeping the shape intact and less prone to spills or leakages. 

The recognizable Fenty Skin pastel color adds a layer of luxury to the Melt Awf package design, evoking femininity and cleanliness and making this product a perfect addition for every fan of high-quality packaging design

Best Video Design: Lion NFT by Anideos

With the growing popularity of NFTs, it's no surprise that creative agency Anideos takes this month’s award for Best Video Design for its work on Lion NFT’s promotional video. 

The energizing 30-second spot features NFT character Lion taking centerstage while switching through different settings and scenery. From a casual neighborhood stroll to a concert stage, the promo video presents a captivating look at what Lion NFT is all about – hedonism and adventure. 

Swift cuts and a pumping electronic track further push the Lion NFT company’s message forward, showcasing the importance of top branding in promotional videos. Skillful animation and motion graphics culminate in a black screen and simple white typeface, teasing the pre-order period for the company’s NFTs.  

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