DesignRush Announces March's Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces March's Best Design Award Winners

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: March 29, 2023

DesignRush has announced its March selection of Best Design AwardsThis monthly selection features designs that stand out among design agencies worldwide. March's Best Design Awards recognize outstanding design work in various fields, from website design to print and packaging design.   

This month's selection ranges from a 70s-inspired packaging design to a functional app design created to solve pain points for healthcare centers.  

Best Website Design: Databest by Halo Lab  

Halo Lab received the Best Website Design award for its work on Databest, a market and data analyzer that utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence for business advancement strategies.   

Muted hues of grey, green and red welcome users on Databest's landing page. Its web design incorporates seamless transitions between different website anchors — making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. Halo Lab's choice of an easily legible sans-serif font also reflects the modern, polished and professional approach that Databest aims to offer its customers.  

Halo Lab's work with Databest reminds users that less is more when it comes to web design.

Best Logo Design: Bee Dub Move by PLUK Studio  

PLUK Studio won the Best Logo Design award for their work on Bee Dub Move.   

Bee Dub Move is a fitness brand that aims to reflect an energetic approach to health and exercise. The simple logo combines different fonts, making it easily memorable and impactful, with splashes of neon green enunciating the brand's philosophy of energy and vitality.  

Inspired by Nike and Adidas, the Brighton-based design agency opted for a simple logo that is immediately impactful.   

Combining different fonts makes Bee Dub Move's logo easily memorable and quickly places them on the map despite being newcomers to the fitness industry. In addition, by implementing splashes of neon green, the logo enunciates a key point of Bee Dub Move's philosophy: energy and vitality.  

PLUK Studio's logo for Bee Dub Move pushes potential consumers outside their comfort zone, motivating them to get active fast.  

Best Print Design: Bottega Veneta x Tyrone Lebon by Tamim Mortaza  

The fictional Bottega Veneta x Tyrone Lebon project created by freelance designer and art director Tamim Mortaza won the Best Print Design award.   

Inspired by film director Tyrone Lebon's work for the luxury fashion label Bottega Veneta, the hardcover coffee table book perfectly reflects the sensual atmosphere of Lebon's editorial campaigns, relying on a uniform print design to bring it all together.  

White framed photos evoke an experience that reminds viewers of a gallery visit, while the semi-bold typeface enunciates the featured photographs instead of taking away from them.  

The book cover's featured image of a centralized blurry figure also stirs viewers' curiosity about what could be found inside.  

Best App Design: Patient Experience by EMERGE  

EMERGE took home the Best App Design award for its interactive mobile app, Patient Experience, aiming to simplify the experience of visiting a healthcare center.  

The app offers features such as scheduling appointments, paying bills online, chatting with medical staff, real-time location systems, and medication tracking.   

Besides simplifying the experience of visiting a health center, the mobile app can also offer long-term benefits. Data insight could allow hospitals and health centers to identify where they can improve and how to implement cost savings.  

Best Package Design: Brownie Points by Monga Design 

Monga Design won the Best Package Design award for their work on Brownie Points, a Black-owned and operated accessories brand designed by artist and comedian Rinny Perkins. Monga Design modernized Brownie Points' retail packaging to target the brand's audience successfully.  

The 70s-inspired packaging, with its gradient color design and font reminiscent of 70s graffiti art, perfectly targets the brand's audience, primarily millennials and Gen Z.  

Best Video Design: Moodcaster by Piehole.TV  

Piehole.TV won the Best Video Design award for their work on Moodcaster's demo video. Moodcaster is a video audition platform allowing industry professionals to audition actors using only their mobile devices.  

The video highlights the digital casting platform's "online set." Once the actors get acquainted with the instructions for the part, Moodcaster is ready to be their camera and light! The demo video is created to address all the problems acting talents and casting producers tackle when entering the audition process.  

From web and app design to packaging and print design, the winners showcase a variety of design approaches that are both visually stunning and functional. These award-winning designs inspire businesses and designers alike, providing valuable insight into what it takes to create an effective and memorable design that stands out from the crowd. 

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