DesignRush Announces June’s Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces June’s Best Design Award Winners

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 16, 2023

DesignRush has announced its June selection of Best Design Awards!

DesignRush’s monthly Best Design Awards give readers access to the work of top design agencies that are making waves in the industry by thinking outside the box. 

From laugh-out-loud comedic spots in video design to the appeal of luxury and sophistication through both logo and packaging design, June’s Best Design Awards are a testament to creativity and knowing your target audience

Best Website Design: Origin Coffee Roasters by Eastside Co 

Origin Coffee Roasters’ website inspired viewers with its minimalist aesthetic and layered brand approach.  

Designed by the award-winning agency Eastside Co and with content by A-Side. creative studio, Origin Coffee Roasters’ web design uses artistic images of coffee products and impactful illustrations to create a layout that immediately draws in visitors. 

(Source: Origin Coffee Roasters)

Easy to navigate, the website skilfully hides plenty of surprises. Hovering over various images and text offers viewers more information about available products and brew methods. The website’s navigation bar also offers additional content under the “Learn” category, opening the world of coffee breweries to visitors.  

Origin Coffee Roasters took home the award for June’s Best Website Design for utilizing design to create an inviting space for exploring the coffee community. 

Best Logo Design: 12 INYA by B360

B360’s mission for 12 INYA was to create a timeless logo design for the upscale fusion restaurant. 

The result reflects the upscale dining establishment perfectly, with a Serif typeface, gold tone, and refined geometric and floral design.  

(Source: 12 INYA)

A royal blue background combined with the luxurious gold color of the logo creates a timeless representation of luxuriousness and wealth, visually drawing in 12 INYA’s target clientele. The Serif typeface, a classic and elegant font, contributes to this image of the restaurant and speaks to the power of a carefully chosen font for logos. 

Depending on the size of the logo, it is framed within a circle or a square and contains subtle floral designs, evoking the fusion menu of the restaurant.  

Seemingly simple, the 12 INYA logo was awarded this month’s Best Logo Design award for its appealing and sophisticated design layered with hidden meaning. 

Best Print Design: YMCA of the North by cat&tonic 

(Source: cat&tonic)

Design agency cat&tonic won June’s award for Best Print Design for its work for the adventure magazine YMCA of the North. 

The cover features a bird’s eye perspective photograph of a forest and a winding road cutting through it, with the inviting phrase “The road to adventure is always open.” 

The print design of the magazine itself relies largely on photographs that immediately capture the reader’s attention and inspire them to explore the great outdoors. The agency’s choice of a Sans Serif font allows for easy readability. 

The print layout offers an eye-catching combination of photographs, texts, and spacing, creating an educational and inspiring reading experience for YMCA of the North readers.  

Best App Design: Habits by Z1 Digital Studio 

It’s not easy breaking bad habits or creating new ones, but Z1 Digital Studio’s design for the Habits app is making the process much easier to navigate. 

The app takes on a playful and encouraging tone in the process of change by utilizing soothing colors, friendly illustrations, and a great UI design

(Source: Habits)

Z1 Digital Studio decided on a range of pastel colors and a muted grey background for the app, as well as inspiring illustrations reminiscent of children’s drawing combined with positive and empowering messages to put a smile on the user’s face.  

However, the Habits app’s greatest asset lies in its user-friendly design, making it easy for anyone to change their habits and attain their goals. Trackers, pie charts, and a calendar are just some of the app’s available features, making it the clear choice for this month’s Best App Design award. 

Best Package Design: MEW by Zanon Studio 

Although it comes at affordable price points, Zanon Studio’s packaging design for MEW reflects the quality and look of a premium product. 

The brand boasts a range of smartphone accessories and successfully combines two crucial aspects of package design, style and function. 

A clear front design, created with protective transparent plastic, gives customers the option to peek inside the box, a rarity when it comes to packaging design. The combination of an elegant blue and modernistic cyan and neon blue also gives the boxes an innovative feel, reflective of what MEW is offering to potential customers. 

(Source: MEW)

It is no surprise that Zanon Studio took the crown for June’s Best Package Design thanks to a combination of winning features for MEW’s product packaging. 

Best Video Design: AgentSync by RELIGHT Creative 

Finally, RELIGHT Creative was awarded Best Video Design for its outside-the-box spot for the insurance compliance software company AgentSync. 

The video production company took a serious topic and created a 30-second satirical spot, leaving viewers laughing out loud by the end of it.  

Concise storytelling and narration leave viewers with a clear idea of what AgentSync does, while the comedic tone of the spot does so in a way that makes it easy to follow and hard to forget.

By doing so, RELIGHT Creative was able to answer what AgentSync can do to help its clients out in an unconventional way. 

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