Barbie and Boss Beauties Partner for a New NFT Series

Barbie and Boss Beauties Partner for a New NFT Series

Published: October 14, 2022

Mattel-owned toy brand Barbie announced a second partnership with Boss Beauties, a women-led global NFT brand.

The latest partnership resulted in a new NFT series consisting of 15,000 tokens, representing 250 careers of Barbie’s long professional life spanning the last 60 years, and then some.

The announcement, which came on October 11, coincided with the International Day of the Girl Child. What better day to release a celebratory NFT collection of Barbies than the one we dedicated to young girls everywhere?

For some, it feels like Barbies haven’t been around for that long, while in fact, they’ve been enriching young girls’ playtimes since 1959.

That’s 63 years of quality time for girls everywhere, and plenty of time for Barbie to try her hand at 250 different professions. The NFT series is set to represent every one of Barbie’s careers, as confirmed by brands in a joint statement:

“Career traits will range from astronaut to archeologist, beekeeper to CEO and everything in between, reminding girls they can be anything.”

While the International Day of the Girl Child is an excellent time to publicize a Barbie NFT collection, it’s an even better opportunity to announce donations to causes that help young girls across the globe.

The two brands will donate $125,000 to the Barbie Dream Gap project, “an ongoing global initiative that gives girls the resources and support they need to continue believing in themselves,” according to Mattel’s website.

An additional $125,000 will go to the Boss Beauties Foundation, a mentorship and scholarship fund for young women, for a total of $250,000.

Lisa McKnight, executive vice-president and global head of Barbie & Dolls, Mattel, stated that blockchain-based tokens are a new way to bring Barbie to life and pave the path for future generations of women in leadership positions.

“Barbie is the original girl empowerment brand,” McKnight said. “From CEO to chef to scientist, we’ve been reminding girls everywhere that they can be anything for the past six decades. As we celebrate over 250 careers represented in the Barbie line timed to International Day of the Girl, we are proud to bring some of these careers to life in a new way through our digital art collaboration with Boss Beauties, which celebrates our shared passion to champion the next generation of female leaders.”

Boss Beauties and Barbie will host virtual mentorship programs “inviting girls around the world to hear from leaders from a variety of careers.”

For the two brands, this is a second partnership, following the release of Role Models NFT collection in March for International Women’s Day.

The new NFT series will launch later this year, immortalizing Barbie’s numerous careers and branding it, once again, as a number one toy for young children from the world over.

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