Balmain and Space Runners Drop AI-Enhanced Sneaker

Balmain and Space Runners Drop AI-Enhanced Sneaker

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 12, 2023

Fashion giant Balmain has once again teamed up with NFT company Space Runners, using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance personalization and creativity in fashion.

The collaboration will put a spotlight on Balmain's popular Unicorn sneakers, this time utilizing generative AI to give a unique spin on personalization and customization. 

In line with the partnership, Balmain has also joined forces with renowned American artist Ant Kai, known for his inventive custom sneakers, to give a fresh spin to the best-selling Unicorn.

Hand-painted by Kai himself, the shoe highlights both his flair and the remarkably streamlined silhouette of the iconic sneaker.

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The limited-edition sneaker will be available on Balmain's webshop and exclusively at its newly opened Atlanta flagship store.

Balmain’s Ambitious Project Gets to Blockchain

Balmain's project goes beyond a regular partnership, setting a standard for future high-end brands aiming for authenticity.

In line with the collaboration, special digital items will be created on the Polygon blockchain, known for being environmentally friendly.

This effort allows users to make their own digital Balmain x Space Runners NFT sneakers, following eco-friendly principles and promoting a new era of environmentally conscious digital art.

The innovative generative AI tool from Space Runners enhances the customization experience, welcoming both fashion and NFT enthusiasts, and providing them with a unique offering.

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