Bacardi Makes Most of Summer With AR and Music Festivals

Bacardi Makes Most of Summer With AR and Music Festivals

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 26, 2023

Bacardi is welcoming the summer season by expanding its ongoing "Do What Moves Youplatform, celebrating freedom, community, and self-expression through dance.  

The summer’s “Do What Moves You” campaign begins with a live pop-up event in New York, inspired by old-time speakeasy bars.  

Organized in collaboration with Stadium Goods sneaker store, Bacardi is putting movement and expression in the spotlight. By attending the event, customers will have access to limited Dancing Shoes NFTs that can be virtually customized during the event.  

These one-of-a-kind NFT sneakers, made in partnership with web3 studio Kollectiff and streetwear brand Staple, can then be traded in for a physical pair of shoes after the event, motivating attendees to continue dancing with Bacardi throughout the summer. 

“Every aspect of our partnership is designed to bring people together, embracing the connective tissue between our iconic rum and the sneaker community to inspire movement in both the physical and emotional sense,” said Laila Mignoni, the global head of brand marketing communications for Bacardi, in a press statement. 

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The rum and cocktail company is also extending its community experience to consumers staying at home by utilizing artificial reality.  

A custom Bacardi “Do What Moves You” lens on Snapchat created with the help of its AR mirror technology is an effort to reach audiences worldwide to join the movement. 

Bacardi’s partnership with Snap is a continuation of its previous marketing efforts when it became the first alcoholic beverage brand to collaborate with the platform for its AR technology. 

To keep audiences doing what moves them, the beverage brand will make ongoing appearances with a series of experiences and activations at music festivals through the summer season.

(Source: Bacardi)

Beginning at Lollapalooza and ending at an Amsterdam-based festival in October, festival activities will include the offer of exclusive merchandise and the opportunity to further customize the Dancing Shoes NFTs. 

With its “Do What Moves You” campaign, Bacardi is broadening its brand presence to all the places where audiences will be celebrating the summer, as a reminder that its products are an irreplaceable part of the experience.  

"The spirit of Bacardi has always been one of self-expression, free of judgment, and, of course, one that is ready to dance," added Mignoni. 

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