Axe Faces Off Against Tom Ford in a New Blind Smell Test Ad

Axe Faces Off Against Tom Ford in a New Blind Smell Test Ad
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 22, 2024

Axe is well aware of the image its sprays have developed over the years, but it's proving the haters wrong in its latest campaign with creative agency The Martin Agency.

The men's fragrance brand has enlisted the help of basketball personality Brandon Beloti, college basketball legend Kris Jenkins, NBA G League player Shareef O'Neal, and two-time WNBA All-Star player Chiney Ogwumike to participate in a blind smell test.

At the start of the ad, Jenkins and O'Neal frankly shared that the smell of Axe was the worst thing for them about being inside a locker room.

However, the body care brand was hellbent on challenging their beliefs.

In the experiment, Axe and its Black Vanilla Spray fragrance went head-to-head against designer fragrance brand Tom Ford and its Tobacco Vanille scent, asking the four which they prefer without letting them know the brand. 

The Verdict

In a surprising turn of events, the stars have described Axe's scent as "amazing," with a slightly sweet and fruity undertone, which gave it a fighting chance against the $195 designer perfume.

"It reminds me of like walking into a designer store," O'Neal added. 

The four then casted their votes, with the majority (3-1) in favor of Axe. 

"Is this a joke?" O'Neal shared, as the three that chose Axe react similarly to their blind choices with disbelief. 

The spot ends by capturing the candid reactions of the participants, with Beloti, O'Neal and Ogwumike enjoying their own "I Chose Axe" t-shirt. 

Confronting the Haters

The latest campaign from Axe comes after the success of its "Flip The Haters" initiative, where it confronted the negative stereotypes of Axe sprays and asserted the superiority of its scents.

Paul Fino, an original participant to the blind scent test, made his return in a fresh advertisement under the campaign, reaffirming his preference for Axe over luxury competitors.

As part of the initiative, the fragrance company has also installed a scented billboard that playfully teased passers-by, questioning if it smelled superior to a £200 fragrance.

Meanwhile, TV personality Wes Nelson unveiled the product in Southbank to an audience of social media influencers.

"Something smells extraordinary. It's me. Apparently, people favor my scent over a £200 fragrance. What about you?" the billboard wrote. 

Axe will continue to upset the haters and promote its campaign via 30-second commercials, slated to air throughout March Madness in the United States, while digital banners will be put up in Walmart and Target stores across the country. 

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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