Avios Launches Head-Scratching New 'Everyday' Ad

Avios Launches Head-Scratching New 'Everyday' Ad
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 25, 2024

Avios, British Airways Executive Club's currency, just launched a 90-second spot that has regular people ride e-foil surfboards through the ocean. 

Made by Uncommon Creative Studio, the bizarre commercial titled "Everyday" sees 35 individuals go about mundane activities like drinking coffee, eating an apple, holding flowers, and carrying grocery and shopping bags, as they glide on their electric boards to the sound of "Seasons" by Future Islands.

Some are seen wearing business attire, while others are seen in bathrobes. 

Through this imagery, the company aims to show that activities beyond just booking flights can help members of the Executive Club earn air miles, thus "metaphorically spending their way to the holiday of their dreams." 

"Your every day can pay for a holiday," the screen writes, as the spot ends.

Everyday was choreographed with the help of "No Time to Die" stuntman Boris Martinez, and e-foil expert Adrian Valios.

The campaign is set to roll out throughout 2024 across TV, cinema, out-of-home (OOH), and digital efforts.

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An Uncanny Approach

While the spot's message may appear ambiguous, Everyday's unconventional approach and lengthy runtime aim to captivate viewers, sparking interest and discussion. 

Sam Walker, who directed the spot, explained some of the creative decisions behind its creation.

"The film embodies what feels like an entire nation gliding on e-foils towards their perfect holiday [...] We wanted to create a powerful visual idea, the feeling of everybody going about their everyday lives, all shot completely in-camera," he shared.

Elizabeth Cunningham, IAG loyalty brand and marketing head, expounded further on this concept.

"The strategic thinking that underpins this new work not only reflects Avios today but also its future—communicating that there’s more to Avios than you think," she explains. 

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