Authenticity Builds Trust Between Brands and Audience, Expert Reveals

Authenticity Builds Trust Between Brands and Audience, Expert Reveals

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 22, 2023

As brands strive to create meaningful impact in the industry, effective storytelling has become increasingly important in both branding and marketing. 

Felipe Simi, founder and CEO of SOKO agency, shared with Spotlight his reasons to believe how crucial authenticity is when it comes to building trust between brands and their audience.  

“In an era where consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical of advertising and marketing tactics, authenticity helps to create a connection with the audience by conveying a genuine and relatable message,” he explained.  

“The need for authenticity in storytelling has become even more important in the era of social media, as consumers are more discerning and can easily detect when a brand is being insincere or inauthentic,” he added. 

Simi also shared why he believes transparency is important when it comes to a brand’s values and practices. “Consistency is also key, as brands need to maintain their authentic message across all communication channels and throughout their entire customer journey,” the CEO shared. 

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While being authentic may not sound like a challenge, some brands may have trouble balancing authenticity and showcasing their brand in a positive light. 

According to the CEO, weaving a brand’s values and purpose into their storytelling is an effective way to address this. “By sharing stories that reflect the brand's mission and values, brands can create an authentic connection with their audience while still showcasing their strengths and unique selling points,” he said, adding that being honest about challenges and failures and how a brand has learned from them can also enhance their credibility.  

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