Austria's ChatSkiPT Campaign Celebrates the Human Touch

Austria's ChatSkiPT Campaign Celebrates the Human Touch

Published: January 19, 2024

The Austrian National Tourist Office (NTO) has launched a unique and humorous tourism campaign with their newest project, “ChatSkiPT.”

ChatSkiPT uses “authentic intelligence” infused with a real human touch to provide people with genuine, in-depth information about winter sports and vacations in Austria.

This innovative approach offers a refreshingly human alternative to technology-based tourism promotion, placing the Spotlight on the value of personal interaction and useful advice from locals.

Authentic vs. Artificial Intelligence

ChatSkiPT enables people to communicate directly with 16 real ski instructors from the Snowsports Academy, rather than chatting with artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots.

The NTO certifies they are “100% real human ski instructors trained on the slopes of the Austrian Alps.”

These ski professionals are available to chat on the campaign website for four days (January 17 to 20). They will answer user questions about winter sports and vacation planning, and even recommend the best slopes to explore.

ChatSkiPT is available in both English and German throughout the campaign period.

At the heart of the campaign is a one-minute YouTube video released a month ago.

It playfully satirizes the typical AI-driven marketing trend, employing clichéd imagery and a dramatic voiceover to depict the rise of virtual assistants.

The video takes a humorous turn, introducing ChatSkiPT and showcasing the ski instructors actively engaging with users online while enjoying the stunning Austrian snowscape.

Austria’s NTO CEO Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, who also starred in the video, said that even if she appreciates the value of new technology, she still wants “to remind everyone that it’s all about people and that AI cannot replace the friendly Austrian charm.”

Christian Hellinger, the chief creative officer at Wien Nord Serviceplan, the agency behind the campaign, further emphasized the focus on human connection: “We're not against AI or its advancements. Instead, ChatSkiPT highlights the importance of real human interactions for a truly memorable winter experience.”

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