ASKA A5 eVTOL Ushers in a New Era of Transportation

ASKA A5 eVTOL Ushers in a New Era of Transportation

Published: January 05, 2023

ASKA unveiled the first-ever fully-functional prototype of the ASKA™ A5 electric drive and fly Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle during CES 2023.

“Our unveil at CES represents something that has never been accomplished in the world, but which humans have dreamed of for decades: a fully functional, full-scale prototype of a Drive & Fly electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing, a real flying car,” said Guy Kaplinsky, Cofounder and CEO of ASKA.

ASKA A5 is a four-seater electric vehicle the size of an SUV. It can travel by land, like a standard car, or by air, in which case it can fly up to 250 miles on a single charge.

ASKA combines the best of both the automotive and aviation worlds in a vehicle unlike any that came before it. This incredible feat of engineering features a proprietary power system based on lithium-ion battery packs and a gasoline engine that acts as an onboard range extender.

This dual energy source increases power source reliability and allows a single charge to last 250 miles.

In order to fly, the vehicle unfolds wings with six rotors which allow it to take off vertically and perform conventional runway takeoffs. The large wing allows it to glide, enables smooth landings, and boasts efficient energy consumption.

According to the press release, the automobile side of the vehicle is equally impressive.

“In drive mode, ASKA packs in-wheel motor technology, allowing all four wheels to be placed outside the fuselage for all-wheel-drive traction, better aerodynamics, and maximized interior space to comfortably seat 4 passengers,” the company stated.

Transportation has truly come far since the early days of horse and carriage. The ASKA A5 prototype could be a major turning point for the automotive industry and bring forth an entirely new and innovative era of transportation.

“ASKA is positioned as a new generation vehicle that combines the convenience of an automobile with the ease and efficiency of VTOL and STOL flight. ASKA is a vehicle that addresses not only consumers, there is also significant business potential in emergency response use, military use, as well as on-demand ride-sharing mobility services.”

ASKA is also working on an affordable on-demand ride-sharing service that utilizes its eVTOL vehicles. It would be operated by certified pilots in major urban areas and their surroundings. However, such a service is still years away and won’t happen before 2026 at the very least.

What’s best is that this fantasy vehicle will require only minor upgrades to existing infrastructure, namely helipads for taking off and landing. Other than that, ASKA is perfectly compatible with modern infrastructure and spiritually aligned with modern human’s vision of the future.

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