Are Younger Generations Ditching Google for TikTok?

Are Younger Generations Ditching Google for TikTok?

Published: January 16, 2024

There is a new search engine in town, and it is taking the form of viral dance crazes and catchy tunes.

TikTok, known for being a short-form video sharing app, is gaining momentum as a search engine for the younger generation, according to the 2024 Adobe Survey.

The survey, with a sample of 808 consumers and 251 business owners, found that TikTok is rapidly evolving into a go-to source for information, especially for Generation Z (people born 1997-2012).

Of all consumers surveyed, 51% have used TikTok as a search engine, with 64% of Gen Zers and 49% of millennials (those born 1981-1996) using TikTok to search for everything from recipes and DIY tips to fashion advice and new music releases.

Source: 2024 Adobe Survey

Although only 17% found TikTok to provide the most useful information as a search engine, compared to Google’s 91%, the video-sharing platform still has great promise as a rising star in the search engine market.

Top 3 Reasons Why TikTok Is Replacing Search Engines

The rise of TikTok as a search engine may not just be a fad, but a glimpse into the future of information consumption. Here's why:

  • TikTok's personalized "For You" page curates content based on individual interests, creating a tailored learning experience. TikTok's algorithm then serves up personalized bite-sized knowledge bombs
  • Learning on TikTok isn't passive; it's interactive and entertaining. Imagine unraveling the mysteries of astrophysics through a mesmerizing makeup tutorial, or understanding historical events through a hilarious reenactment
  • TikTok is a bustling community where Gen Zers and millennials learn from each other, with relatable creators becoming trusted knowledge guides. Creators share their passions and expertise without the polish and perfection of traditional media
Source: 2024 Adobe Survey

TikTok is making education accessible and engaging for a generation raised on instant gratification. This is the edge that TikTok has over Google, and this is also the reason why younger generations may ditch Google in favor of TikTok in the near future.

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