Arc Launches New iPhone App that Accompanies its Desktop Browser

Arc Launches New iPhone App that Accompanies its Desktop Browser

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 31, 2023

Arc, the internet browser developed by The Browser Company, is finally available in the Apple App Store for iPhone 

However, the new app doesn’t aim to overthrow any of the big browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. The Browser Company CEO Josh Miller explained that Arc for iPhone is “NOT a replacement for your default mobile browser (yet),” but will allow Arc desktop users to access some of the app’s features on the desktop version.  

These features include allowing users to navigate through Spaces and tabs from Arc for Mac, make a quick search to pin, and save links from other third-party apps to read later. Arc for iPhone also lets users find links, Easels and Notes they’ve accessed on Arc for iPhone in their Arc for Macs and vice versa. Basically, the mobile app serves more as a companion for Arc desktop users than it is its own standalone browsing app.  

Source: Apple App Store

While the mobile version will only really be beneficial for Arc for Mac users, customers interested can join a waitlist or get an invite from an Arc user to download the desktop app and fully utilize its iPhone version.  

Made by former Google, Instagram and Snap employees in 2022, Arc for Mac was a browser alternative launched in 2022. Its goal is to “be the web’s operating system” by making it easier for users to control apps and content. 

Running on the same engine as Google Chrome, Arc is known for its intuitive user interface and innovative features such as its sidebar, where users can navigate and access apps, tabs and bookmarks all in one place.   

In an interview, Miller said that surveying 1,000 Arc members revealed that users were not looking for a replacement for Safari. Every single person was like, ‘I just want my sidebar on my phone,” he explained.  

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