Apple Vision Pro Users Spotted on the Streets After Release

Apple Vision Pro Users Spotted on the Streets After Release

Published: February 05, 2024

After its February 2 release date, people are already being seen wearing their Apple Vision Pro headsets on the streets.

The Apple Vision Pro is the real world’s version of “The Matrix” Neo’s hi-tech shades. It is a wearable headgear that combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Each of Apple’s VR/AR headset is priced from $3,500 to $4,000. Despite this exorbitant price, people have dug into their savings just to purchase their own first-generation Apple Vision Pro.

Although the Apple Vision Pro hit the stores three days ago, it was already available for pre-order since January 19. It was reported last January 29 that pre-order sales have already surpassed 200,000.

And it seems that these people are already using the Apple Vision Pro, as people wearing it on the streets are sighted and posted on social media.

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Real Users or Marketing Strategy?

The Apple Vision Pro User Guide warns against using it on the streets, and states that users have to set up their own space, “clear of any obstacles that you could bump into, trip over, or hit with your hands.”

“Apple Vision Pro should never be used on or near roads, streets, or any other area where moving objects present a collision risk,” the User Guide added.

Despite these clear warnings, users are out on the streets test-driving what people are calling “revolutionary tech.”

But as sightings of these Apple headset-wearing people increase, some people are questioning whether these are just part of an elaborate marketing strategy concocted by Apple.

Whether they are simply testing them out, or are getting paid to promote the latest VR/AR device from Apple, this may be a glimpse into an emerging trend.

Should You Buy the Apple Vision Pro?

While seeing people out on the streets wearing Apple Vision Pro may be a FOMO moment that justifies its high price, it is very important to check out real user reviews before buying one for yourself.

There have been some notable videos of YouTubers that have already garnered millions of views, and a couple of them are worth watching.

Casey Neistat, a famous YouTuber with 12.6 million subscribers, actually tried it out, even riding a skateboard while wearing the headset. And as he tested out all the features,

“After a couple of hours of running around the streets of New York — as in not in a controlled environment — my brain sort of clicked, and it just forgot that I was looking through cameras and screens. It took what it saw as reality, and that’s where that profound moment from,” Neistat said in his video.

“This is it. This is the future of computing that everyone’s been promising for the last 15 years. This is something that let me truly peek at where all of this is going… I think this is the future interface for all computing,” Neistat concluded.

Marques Brownlee, who is a tech expert with over 18 million subscribers, posted a detailed video review of the Apple Vision Pro. Some of the more general problems of the product that he lists are:

  • Heavy, making it hard to wear for long periods
  • Not a lot of available apps
  • Low battery performance

And while, according to Brownlee, the first-generation Apple Vision Pro certainly had a lot of “downfalls,” it also has something that can make people overlook its faults, and it’s the “sci-fi movie nature” that users feel when they use it.

So, should you buy it and become one of the first people to own a bit of the future? Both of these experts say, “If you have the money, go for it.”

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