Apple Vision Pro Will Allow You To Interact With Real World Text

Apple Vision Pro Will Allow You To Interact With Real World Text

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 22, 2023

The Apple Vision Pro continues to surprise with news that its visionOS operating system includes “Visual Search.” 

Visual Search will allow consumers to interact with the world around them when using a Visual Pro headset. It will offer the possibility of detecting, copying, and pasting text from the real world into apps, as well as directly translating text between 17 different languages.  

This innovation indicates that AR tech companies must think beyond mere visual spectacle. They must integrate functionalities that enhance the user's interaction with their environment.

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Text translation in real-time has been introduced to Visual Search as a useful companion for travelers, while text identification was primarily created to recognize webpages and QR codes, contact information, and unit conversions in the real world.  

Additionally, Visual Search can automatically detect text in documents.  

 The revelation of Visual Search, which was detected by developer Steve Moser following Apple’s release of the first version of the software, confirms the tech company’s description of the Vision Pro headset as the “first spatial computer.” 

After its debut at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, the Vision Pro, which seems similar to "Vision Lookup" on the iPhone and iPad, was revealed to cost $3,499 and will become available for U.S. customers in early 2024. 

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