Apple Could Launch Vision Pro MR Headset in February

Apple Could Launch Vision Pro MR Headset in February

News by Nikola Djuric
Published: December 21, 2023

Apple is on the verge of introducing the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset by February, as indicated by sources close to the development cited by Bloomberg.

The production of this new headset has reached its peak in facilities across China, aiming to have units ready for customers by the end of next month. This step marks a significant development in Apple's product line, as it's the first major category introduced since its smartwatch in 2015.

Apple has been actively engaging with software developers, encouraging them to prepare their apps for Vision Pro by testing with the latest tools and submitting software for feedback.

This is a clear indicator of the product's imminent release.

However, Apple will face a new challenge of selling a novel concept to consumers. While Meta currently leads this market, mainstream adoption of this technology has been slow in recent times.

Apple aims to make a strong first impression with the Vision Pro, selling it at a premium price of $3,500.

To ensure a successful launch, Apple has sent two representatives from each store to its headquarters for comprehensive training sessions. This training will focus on the Vision Pro's functionality, features and how to ensure customer comfort during the fitting process.

Next to consumer sales, Apple aims to target corporate customers and schools, sectors that have been challenging for other headset manufacturers. In addition to the hardware, Apple is developing the next version of the device’s operating system visionOS slated for release in 2024.

Apple Vision Pro was announced six months ago, with the official video garnering more than 56 million views on YouTube — You can check it out below!

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