Countdown Begins to Apple's Reality Pro VR Headset

Countdown Begins to Apple's Reality Pro VR Headset

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: May 15, 2023

There has been no end to the rumors about Apple’s Reality Pro VR headset, but the hype has heated up as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conferencescheduled for June 5, approaches.  

It has been speculated that the first version of the mixed-reality headset will be presented at this year’s WWDC. 

Expected to cost an estimated $3,000, the headset will likely not be available for purchase until the fall of this yearAdditionally, a more affordable version of the Reality Pro is set to be released in the future. 

Certain insider feedback about the product has already been released to the public. Supposedly the mixed-reality headset includes an external battery pack, making it more lightweight and comfortable to use. Rumors also state that the headset’s “capabilities far exceed those of competitors.” 

Apple analyst and a well-known leaker of Apple information Ming-Chi Kuo reported on his belief that the headset will be unveiled at WWDC, adding his prediction that the product will give a boost to not just Apple’s supply chain, but the entire VR market. 

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Kuo also insists that if the unveiling goes well, the Reality Pro VR headset will “soon become the most important new investment trend in the consumer electronics sector.” 

The Reality Pro VR headset is the most highly anticipated electronic Apple product to be released in recent years and marks an industry leader breaking into the virtual reality industry with what customers hope will be a groundbreaking and innovative product. 

With this new technology, Apple is not just entering the virtual reality market. It also challenges top VR companies to evolve in a sector ripe for innovation and growth.

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